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geotechnical work

Earth Tech has the experience to offer fast and cost effective solutions for design-build firms, construction contractors, real estate developers, and government agencies using innovative, yet proven techniques in drilling and grouting, foundations & retention systems, and soil improvement.

Realizing that many subsurface problems create emergency conditions, Earth Tech has the resources and ability to mobilize fast and proceed quickly with remediation.

From bid day to completion day, you can count on Earth Tech. Our innovative engineering solutions and well executed field techniques are the foundation for your success. If you need high production and top quality, you need Earth Tech.

Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, Earth Tech has focused on one thing: soil stabilization. This focus, combined with a commitment to provide our clients with an unmatched level of service, has built our business. Over two thousand completed projects have made us strong and built our reputation. We have the right stuff to get our work finished and let you get on with building your project.

vibro compaction capabilities

If your problem is beneath the surface, Earth Tech can help. Even if you can’t see our best work, you can count on it. Then you can build on it. We stake our reputation on every job. While we are proud of our past, we are committed to continuous improvement through innovation and the latest technology. Our ongoing investment in the best people and the right equipment assure you of top performance, on time delivery and exemplary safety practices.

Our formula is simple:

Experienced People + Specialized Equipment + Commitment = Superior Results


High Production Stabilization

•  Roadways
•  Large Scale Development
•  Industrial Applications


Drilling and Grouting

The ability to drill holes and inject materials into the ground to both stabilize soil and rock, as well as control groundwater, has always been Earth Tech’s specialty. Our innovative methods of performing this work have generated some of the highest production rates and most cost-effective solutions in our industry.

•  Compaction Grouting
•  Pressure Grouting
•  Chemical Grouting
•  Jet Grouting
•  Slurry Walls

Foundations and Retention Systems

•  Ductile Piles
•  Soil Nails
•  Auger-Cast Piles
•  Soil and Rock Anchors
•  Mini Piles


Soil Improvement

•  Vibro-Compaction
•  Stone Columns
•  Vibro-Replacement
•  Soil Mixing

Down-to-Earth Solutions to Technical Problems

Clients who work with Earth Tech know there is no substitute for our experience in successfully solving soil stabilization problems. When complex subsurface situations demand innovative thinking and specialized engineering solutions, call us. Depend on us to provide geotechnical answers that save you time and money.

When your project requires expertise in soil stabilization, there is only one name you need to know:
Earth Tech.