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Earth Tech is the only company in Florida to own its own grout manufacturing facility committed exclusively to all our local stabilization projects.

Feel free to contact Earth Tech with questions related to your project 24 hours a day.

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For certain large commercial projects, Earth Tech can provide specialty geotechnical services on a technical assistance basis. This allows industrial owners and general contractors to combine their resources of local labor and conventional construction equipment with the specialty equipment and experienced management of Earth Tech. We can provide the right drilling, mixing and pumping equipment along with a few key operators and a field superintendent to work with your forces to complete the specialty work that might be included in a large general contract. By supplying only the "missing pieces" this service can provide a cost effective solution to a specialty geotechnical construction requirement. By combining resources, Earth Tech can use it's specialty experience to help qualify others to perform technical stabilization techniques. Using this technical assistance approach, we can be involved in the project from the initial bidding stages to final completion.

Earth Tech Technical Advisory Services