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Earth Tech is the only company in Florida to own its own grout manufacturing facility committed exclusively to all our local stabilization projects.

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CLIENT: Hillsborough County School Board

LOCATION: Tampa, Florida

TECHNIQUE: Preventive Compaction Grouting

The construction of a new urban high school on shallow foundations would require Preventive Compaction Grouting of the building areas prior to construction. Geotechnical borings revealed some loose zones within the subsoil strata and the potential for sinkholes. The geotechnical engineer recommended Compaction Grouting on a pre-determined grid pattern to consolidate the soils and fill any localized voids.

Quality Control monitoring of ground heave, injection pressure and grout take volumes were essential to producing a quality product. Compressive strength testing, slump testing and continuous monitoring of the grout produced by the on-site batch plant were also key elements of the Quality Control program.