Earth Tech Taps Mike Alstott for TV Campaign

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Earth Tech Taps Mike Alstott for TV Campaign Announcing the First and Only Independently Guaranteed Sinkhole Warranty

Tampa, Florida (PRWEB) November 7, 2011

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers fullback Mike Alstott will help Earth Tech announce the industry’s first independently guaranteed sinkhole warranty in TV spots beginning November 14, 2011.  Alstott, nicknamed “the A-Train,” had a storied career with the Bucs, rushing for the team’s first Super Bowl touchdown in 2002 and playing in six Pro Bowls.  Earth Tech, the largest residential foundation and soil stabilization company in the Southeast, is offering the Sinkhole Stabilization Warranty (TM) to give homeowners absolute confidence in their sinkhole repair.

Earth Tech, LLC ( announced that Mike Alstott will appear in TV spots starting November 14 in the Tampa Bay area to explain Earth Tech’s new Sinkhole Stabilization Warranty (TM) to homeowners. Over a twelve year career with the Buccaneers, Alstott rushed for 5,088 yards with seven career 100-yard rushing games. Alstott is the Buccaneers’ all-time leader in total touchdowns (71) and rushing touchdowns (58). Alstott also ranks third on the Buccaneers’ career scoring list with 432 points. He was named one of the “Top Ten Power Backs” by the NFL Network. In 2007, Mike Alstott and his wife Nicole formed the Mike Alstott Family Foundation to uplift families and children, especially those who must overcome life-altering obstacles.

“It’s hard to describe how Tampa Bay feels about Mike Alstott,” said Ron Broadrick, President of Earth Tech. “He spent his entire career in Tampa Bay, he helped us get to the top, and he showed great character and commitment throughout. We wanted a spokesperson respected by the entire community to represent the integrity of our brand and the assurance of our sinkhole warranty.”

“When homes are damaged by Florida sinkholes, residents need to be absolutely, positively certain about their sinkhole stabilization. Earth Tech is so confident in the quality of our home stabilizations that we will guarantee them for five years after the work is finished. Because of our track record, we’ve teamed up with the largest specialty insurance company in the world, and they also stand behind the warranty, at no additional cost to homeowners,” said Broadrick. “The Sinkhole Stabilization Warranty (TM) thus joins the resources of a soil stabilization industry leader with an A+ rated giant in the insurance business.”

Florida has more sinkholes than any other state, and Earth Tech has stabilized more homes in Florida than anyone else during the past twenty years. Sinkholes occur in areas of karst terrain, common in Florida, where carbonate rocks underground are exposed to acidic water and eroded over time. Soil collapse can cause interior and exterior damage and may lead to condemnation of a building by authorities. Earth Tech works with engineers to stabilize the soil underneath existing homes using techniques such as compaction grouting, chemical grouting and steel piering. Earth Tech also provides advanced soil stabilization to commercial and governmental entities across the country.

About Earth Tech

Earth Tech, LLC is the largest residential foundation and soil stabilization company in the Southeast. Headquartered in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, Earth Tech is a multi-generational family business whose success stems from combining visionary leadership and industry experience with a team of engineering, project management and customer service professionals. Earth Tech has expanded from its Tampa Bay roots to serve businesses and homeowners throughout the United States. Earth Tech has one of the most experienced management teams in the geotechnical construction field. The company produces much of the hardware and specialized machinery it uses, surpassing industry quality standards. Earth Tech also owns its own grout production facility to help ensure projects are completed timely. The foundation and soil stabilization services offered by Earth Tech include compaction grouting, chemical grouting, cement grouting, steel piering, anchors and tiebacks, ductile piles, jet grouting, minipiles, pressure grouting, soil mixing, soil nails, stone columns, under pinning, vibro compaction and vibro replacement. Sinkhole issues are very common in Florida, striking areas such as Pasco, Hernando, Hillsborough, Citrus, Pinellas and Polk Counties.

Media Contacts

Richard Hayes, President, Digital Lightbridge (727) 863-7806 (C)
John Costello, Marketing Manager, Earth Tech (813) 917-1280 (C)


The Industry’s First and Only Independently Guaranteed Sinkhole Stabilization Warranty backed by the largest specialty insurance company in the world.


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Earth Tech was founded by father and son Ron and Lewis Broadrick; the company has always focused on soil stabilization. Ron (left) and Lewis Broadrick, founders