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The Leader in Soil Stabilization

Within the Southeast and beyond, Earth Tech is the leader in assuring the foundational stability of homes, buildings, roads, bridges and industrial facilities by using proven techniques to overcome unstable geological conditions.

Soil stabilization has been the singular focus of Earth Tech for over twenty-two years. The company was founded by father and son Ron and Lewis Broadrick in Land O’ Lakes, Florida in 1991 to provide advanced geotechnical construction services and solutions to general contractors, developers, governmental agencies and homeowners. Earth Tech has earned a reputation for professionalism, integrity, leadership, customer service and innovation.

The success of Earth Tech stems from combining visionary leadership, industry experience, and a team of engineering, project management and customer service professionals who are guided by a spirit of excellence. Earth Tech has one of the most experienced management teams in the geotechnical construction field; supervisors average more years of service in soil stabilization than any other company. The firm produces much of the hardware and specialized machinery it uses, surpassing industry quality standards. Earth Tech even built its own high tech grout production facility for exclusive use on Earth Tech jobs. This helps ensure projects are completed rapidly, which is extremely important whenever existing structures are unstable.

Earth Tech is organized into two divisions: Commercial Geotechnical Construction Services and Residential Sinkhole Services.

Commercial Geotechnical Construction Services

Commercial: Geotechnical Construction Services

Within businesses and government agencies in the southeastern U.S., Earth Tech’s Geotechnical Services division is widely trusted to secure the foundations of important structures, whether existing or planned. This trust is the result of proven expertise and reliability across the full gamut of geological challenges.

For example, Earth Tech was chosen to bolster miles of causeway approaches to the Howard Frankland Bridge across Tampa Bay, thanks in part to innovative drilling equipment developed especially for the project. And when the new Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg was built to withstand a Category 5 hurricane, the Museum awarded the soil stabilization contract to Earth Tech. Cities, counties and state governments regularly select Earth Tech to correct soil problems that threaten buildings or infrastructure. Progress Energy chose Earth Tech to stabilize soil at a nuclear power plant. Developers throughout Florida have called on Earth Tech to stabilize soil for construction of new homes, multi-family housing and business facilities.

Commercial Geotechnical Construction Services


Residential Sinkhole Repair

Residential: Sinkhole Repair

Unstable soil conditions affect homes as well, and Earth Tech’s Residential Sinkhole Services division applies the same geotechnical expertise to affected homes across Florida, where sinkholes are common. Because of Earth Tech’s vast experience and deep commitment to service, more homeowners choose Earth Tech than any other sinkhole repair company. As the largest residential foundation and soil stabilization company in the Southeast, Earth Tech has saved over 3,000 homes. The company offered the first sinkhole stabilization warranty in the business, and they are committed to permanent peace of mind. Earth Tech’s highly trained specialists coordinate the resources of the company and use specially designed equipment to remediate sinkhole problems with minimal impact on the home’s owners and their neighbors.

Residential Sinkhole Repair