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The Earth Tech Team

The Earth Tech team brings over 200 years of combined experience in stabilizing property for Florida homeowners.

  • 35 years - Ron
  • 50 years - Lewis
  • 10 years - Dean
  • 25 years - Arnold
  • 07 years - Phil
  • 12 years - Danny
  • 11 years - Derrick
  • 05 years - Seth
  • 13 years - Tracy
  • 08 years - Ben
  • 04 years - Tommy
  • 08 years - Ed
  • 29 years - Jon



As you consider a soil stabilization company to perform the work on your sinkhole project, you will want to ask questions about the company's specialized experience in the stabilization industry and their ability to perform work with committed resources.

You will have the choice of many stabilization contractors, some old, some new, some large, some small. This could be one of the most important decisions that you make for your family. Chances are, your home is your largest personal investment. The wise choice is to trust a company that has been in the business for a long time, and is most likely to be around in the future. Like other businesses, stabilization contractors come and go every year. You need a company that you can depend on, now and in the future. Some companies offer warranties. Will they be around if you need make a warranty claim? Are they financially strong enough to survive uncertain financial times? Here are some other questions that you should ask the contractors who you might consider to work on your home:

  • How many years has your company been providing soil stabilization services in Florida?

  • What did your company do before it started providing soil stabilization services?

  • What did the owners of your company do before they started in the soil stabilization business?

  • Does your company use subcontractors or grout suppliers that could lien my property if your company doesn’t pay them on time?

  • Is your company recognized as a leader in the industry by governmental agencies and educational groups?

  • Does one of your owners hold the Florida Contractors License or do they use a Qualifier?

  • Can your company provide performance and payment bonds?

  • Does your company carry at least $5 million of liability coverage?


Earth Tech is happy to answer all of these questions. We’re the largest residential foundation and soil stabilization company in the Southeast. Headquartered in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, Earth Tech is a multi-generational family business whose success stems from combining visionary leadership and industry experience with a team of engineering, project management and customer service professionals. Earth Tech has expanded from its Tampa Bay roots to serve businesses and homeowners throughout the United States. Earth Tech has one of the most experienced management teams in the geotechnical construction field.

Our company produces much of the hardware and specialized machinery it uses, surpassing industry quality standards. Earth Tech also owns its own grout production facility to help ensure projects are completed timely. The foundation and soil stabilization services offered by Earth Tech include compaction grouting, chemical grouting, cement grouting, steel piering, anchors and tiebacks, ductile piles, jet grouting, minipiles, pressure grouting, soil mixing, soil nails, stone columns, under pinning, vibro compaction and vibro replacement.