Sinkhole Repair

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Every sinkhole repair is unique, because every sinkhole is unique.  Earth Tech works in partnership only with licensed engineers to design a tailored solution and restore stability to homes damaged by sinkholes.  That doesn’t mean our solutions are just like anyone else’s.  In fact, Earth Tech is an industry leader in developing innovative equipment to stabilize homes.  Earth Tech develops and manufactures our own drilling equipment, allowing us to access tight spaces and drill holes for grout injection both inside and outside of Florida homes.  We design, build, and operate our own equipment so that it can be used in residential applications where access by large equipment is impossible.  We always have the right technology to solve your sinkhole challenge, even when others do not.

Earth Tech also designs equipment with state of the art hydraulics and remote power units.  That makes our machines strong, yet quiet, so that your lifestyle is not disrupted and your neighbors are not inconvenienced.  Trust Earth Tech for the right solution to any sinkhole challenge.



"A lot of people, after having been told there is a sinkhole beneath their house, come to us literally scared to death," says Ron Broadrick. "Again their only exposure to sinkholes is through what they get through the media - the dramatic cover collapse incidents. We reassure them that such events are extremely rare and put their mind at ease in knowing we will solve their problem. That's been the real secret to our success and we're not about to change."

We have built the reputation of our company on almost 20 years and over 3,000 completed residential stabilization projects. We have developed the processes, built the equipment and trained the most committed people to provide you with an unmatched level of service and experience to stabilize your home. While Earth Tech is also the frequent choice of general contractors, developers and governmental agencies to perform the largest and most technical stabilization project, our primary focus is you; the homeowner. Every year we complete more residential stabilization projects than any other geotechnical contractor.

Our formula for success is simple:

Experienced People + Specialized Equipment + Commitment = Superior Results