Steel Piering - Underpinning

As we consider sinkhole stabilization and foundation repair options, one critical fact must be remembered.  Grouting is sinkhole stabilization, and Underpinning is foundation stabilization.  A sinkhole condition cannot be stabilized by underpinning.

Video: Steel Piering: A Solid Solution

Super Strong Steel Pipe

This is the structural element that will support the foundation of your home. Earth Tech uses only the thickest wall pipe and the highest grade steel in the industry.   We are also the ONLY stabilization company to use internally threaded joints between pipe sections. Since the underpinning process requires limited access equipment, pipe must be cut in small sections, usually 3 to 5 feet in length. Most companies simply use "pipe sleeves" to stack the pipe on top of each other. This results in loose fitting joints that are easily deflected as they pass through the subsurface soils and tend to allow the pipe to wander and drift off course. Sometimes becoming crooked and reducing their ability to support your foundation.

At Earth Tech, every section of our steel piering pipe is precision machined to provide a flush joint thread that will provide a connection that is as strong as the pipe itself. As a matter of fact, our internal quality control routinely tests our pipe connections to prove their ultimate strength. In addition to being the strongest connection in the industry, our flush joint threads do not increase the friction of the pipe as it passes through the soil. This insures that each pier is terminated on the solid bearing strata and that the pier will actually gain strength over time.

Super Strong Foundation Brackets

As a continuation of our commitment to provide you with the best underpinning system in the market, our foundation brackets are the biggest and the heaviest in the industry. What this means to you, is that they support a larger section of your foundation and they will last longer than any of our competitors. We are so confident in our steel piering system that we guarantee them FOREVER.

Our foundation brackets cover a full 2 feet of your footer and weigh 50 pounds each!

Our Warranty

Many companies offer "Lifetime warranties," but you have to ask yourself, “What is the value of a lifetime warranty from a company that has only been in business for a short time?"  Recently, one such company went out of business after the two owners were sentenced to prison!

At Earth Tech we offer a real warranty, backed by one of the largest, most respected stabilization companies in the business. We stake our reputation on every job, and that is a reputation gained through thousands of projects performed over almost 25 years. Why trust your home to anything less than the best.