Red Bank is Red Faced About Sinkhole

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  • Red Bank is Red Faced About Sinkhole
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Pity the residents of Red Bank Estates in West Depford, New Jersey.  Their neighborhood has terrible roads, the air smells like sewage, and sinkholes open up frequently.  This West Depford disaster gets the nod for our Sinkhole of the Week.  We wouldn’t buy a house in Red Bank Estates.

While the condition of the road has been an issue with Red Bank Estates residents for years, neighbors began heavily pushing for more attention from the township committee since last November.

No wonder residents are complaining to authorities.  This has been going on for years.  Not only is there a sewage problem, but the same sinkholes seem to open up in different places. 

“I have been contacted on social media by several of my neighbors that live in Red Bank Estates and they, along with myself, are growing increasingly concerned about the infrastructure here since the sinkhole reappeared on Meadowcroft Avenue this week,” wrote resident Bob Maltosz in an email to township officials on March 14. “To date, I personally count 4 times this sinkhole has appeared — three time in its old location and now it appears to have moved south a few feet and opened up in a new location.

We’re not sure exactly how sinkholes move from one place to another, but certainly the same soil stabilization problem covering a wide area beneath the surface might cause multiple areas to collapse.

What’s interesting is the association of sewage problems with sinkhole problems.  An administrator in the town, Brandon Umba, says they’re going to clean out the sewage pipes and send a video of what it looks like inside.  We’ll be glad to post it here if they release it.

It seems likely that there’s leakage of sewer lines or water pipes or both.  Over time, a sewage leak or water leak can contribute to soil stability problems.

Mr. Maltosz (or Matlosz; the reporter had difficulty spelling the name, it seems) has pretty much had it up to here.

He said he would like to hear some answers from the township regarding when his street will be fixed, allowing him to “walk my son to the bus stop and not be met with the smell of raw sewerage.”

Maltosz says things have grown worse over the 19 years he’s lived there, and Umba says the issues have been discussed for years.  We hope there will be some resolution soon for the residents of Red Bank Estates.  Meanwhile, we hold up the Red Bank mess as the Sinkhole of the Week.