Is Corvette Museum Proof That Sinkholes Suck In Cars?

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  • Is Corvette Museum Proof That Sinkholes Suck In Cars?
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You have to admit, vehicles are often seen sticking out of sinkholes; it’s not just cars—we see dramatic photos of buses, cargo trucks, ambulances, and fire trucks sticking out of sinkholes at very odd angles.  It’s as if the vehicle searched out the sinkhole for the specific purpose of, well, sinking itself.  Sometimes we see sinkhole news photos where sedans are piled up in a sinkhole like ants swarming at a picnic.

If you need visual proof, run a Google image search on “car sinkhole,” “bus sinkhole,” and “truck sinkhole.”  It will make your heart sink—no pun intended. 

Well, the Board of Directors of the Corvette Museum has decided that some of the Corvettes should be shoved right back where they wanted to be in the first place—inside that famous sinkhole.  (

First, they decided to maintain half of the hole as a tourist attraction.  But that’s not all.  They made a new plan for the sinkhole cars.

They opted to maintain about half the 40-foot-wide, 60-foot-deep sinkhole, Strode said. There's a "strong probability" that one or two of the damaged cars will be put back in the hole, he said.

The thing is, sinkholes attract not only cars, buses, and ambulances, but tourists.  For that reason, the museum sinkhole is a real boost for the Corvette Museum.