When Your Home Has a Sinkhole

If you notice signs of movement in your home, and you suspect sinkhole activity, there are a series of steps you should take to determine if sinkhole activity is actually present.  Remain calm.  Remember, major sinkholes are extremely rare, and there are many professionals available to assist you. 

Of course, if you see an actual cavity in the ground, you should take steps to make sure anyone who might come into the area stays away from the danger.  You should rope off such an area completely, and if there is immediate danger to life or property, call emergency services.  Contact your homeowners insurance company as well.  You may also ask Earth Tech to come right away to review the situation by calling us at (813) 909-8000 at any hour of the day or night.

When you contact your insurance company, they will ask for information, and if appropriate, they will have an insurance adjustor determine if further investigation by a technical expert is warranted.  If so, the insurance company will call in a certified engineer to evaluate the situation and conduct appropriate testing. The engineer will issue a report giving a detailed opinion about the cause of the damage.  If there is indeed sinkhole activity, then your insurance company will come up with a repair plan. 

You will want to review these signs of sinkhole activity. In addition, read your insurance policy carefully, and review our page on Florida Sinkhole Insurance Facts.

Do take comfort in the fact that most sinkholes are not dangerous, and can be stabilized by professionals like the ones you’ll meet at Earth Tech.