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The Earth Tech Team

“The crew went and did not 100%--but 150% on this job.  On a scale of 1-10, our rating is definitely a solid 11.  Many thanks.”

—Mr. and Mrs. S., Dunedin, Florida

“I knew I was in the hands of the best in the business.”

—Joy A., Lutz, Florida

“They were great. I loved the way they let me know everything that was going on. My lawn looks great still ...was worried about that. So glad I had earth tech had a lot of companies call and come look felt really good in there hands ....had to share.”

–B.C., Tampa, Florida

"...He was not only polite to me and my family, but he also followed up by coming back after the job was completed to be sure we were happy with what had been done."

H. Buchner, Homeowner, Spring Hill, FL

"I am so impressed with your company and the employees that I come in contact with. By the time they finished the weeks work at my house, I am proud to say that I knew everyone on a first name basis. If I had a question about the process or any questions they could not answer, they gave me the answer or got an answer for me... I was kept abreast of everything that would happen and when it would happen. They were so reliable. Very pleasant and very polite. They were very precise and very professional. I just can't say enough."

K. W. Sullenberger Sr, Homeowner, FL

"I was very apprehensive about this whole 'stabilization procedure,' however I knew it was necessary for our home. You have some very valuable employees working....(they) made the process a whole lot easier to go through. I appreciate the time they took to answer our questions, explain what they were doing and going to do, and their respect for our property. ...Hopefully we will not have to go through this 'stabilization procedure' ever again, but if we did we would definitely call on Earth Tech."

D. Turner, Homeowner, Dunedin, FL

"The day after they left, you would never have known they were here. They went above-and-beyond during the dismantling and clean up process. They are truly one of your most precious assets."

B. A. West, Homeowner, Dunnellon, FL

"Your professionalism throughout this order was beyond reproach. I have recommended your firm and will continue to."

A. Bouton, Homeowner, Palm Harbor, FL

"Earth Tech is an authority on how to treat the homeowner!" 

M. Dolphin, Homeowner, Tampa, FL

"Everything was perfect!"

P. Costa, Homeowner, FL

"The underpinning crew was fantastic.  This is our 2nd round of sinkhole repair (first round by another company).  Earth Tech far exceeded our expectations and is far superior to other sinkhole repair companies.  We highly recommend them for any project and are available any time as a reference.  Thank you to the whole team."

G. Sharp, Riverview, FL

"I was totally impressed with Ben and his grouting crew.  They are hard working and perform extremely well as a team.  During the seven days of grouting, I did not at any time see them slow up their pace.  They ate in snacks while continuing their work.  The landscape damages that occured were unavoidable and controlled to the best of their ability.  The crew was very courteous, as well as Ben, who kept me informed on the daily progress.  This crew has to be your best!"

N. Gray, Homeowner, FL

"Outstanding!  you have clearly exceeded my expectations--no stress.  Phil is a tremendous professional--great work ethic, and he leads his team by example. Your specialized drilling equipment minimized landscape damage.  Denise is also a true professional.  Great communication skills....Earth Tech has cultivated a great process, specialized equipment, and a team spirit among all staff.  Well done."

R. Knight, Brooksville, FL

"Dave & crew did an excellent job on this very difficult project.  Give Dave & Miguel a raise.  They deserve it."

J. Ernst, Valrico, FL

"This crew did a great job."

D. May, Spring Hill, FL

"The crew foreman John has a great crew of young men working with him.  John doesn't seem to let anything upset him.  He seems to have a calm demeanor.  These men worked a full day in the torrential rain from tropical storm Debbie--never missed a beat.  Just kept on doing their work.  They are all trained--polite and helpful.  I applaud their work ethic!"

J. Brand, Land O' Lakes, FL

"Loved everything.  Very professional staff--great communication!"

N. Pierce, Spring Hill, FL

"The crew behaved professionally, working hard to get the job done in a timely manner.  They were thoughtful and thorough when answering our questions and kept us informed of their progress always.  We were very impressed with every one and especially felt the project manager Michael was exceptional.  We have and will continue to recommend Earth Tech to our neighbors and friends."

–J. Karella, Spring Hill, FL

"Great employees and service!!"

H Cohen, Lehigh Acres, FL

"Compliments to Ben, Kevin, Larry and Robert.  The crew was polite, efficient, and cooperative.  Strongly recommend!"

J. Krauss, Hudson, FL

"The workmen were very courteous and left things very clean and tidy every day before they left.  Very happy with them!!"

M. Howell, Bartow, FL

"All your employees were excellent and very courteous."

N. Minsk, Ocala, FL

"It was absolutely professional.  This crew worked like hell and did an excellent job.  They deserve a good bonus and a raise.  I wish I had a crew like this on many commercial jobs I did back in the day."

F. Garcia, Temple Terrace, FL

"Only after you sit and listen to three different company representatives can you say with confidence that your knowledge about the sinkhole process as well as your people skills really shine above the others....I cared that the workers did all they could to take care of our property and still do what they had to do....I want you to know that we really appreciate you and Earth Tech."

A. Bruggerman, Homeowner, FL

"Recently we had your corporation perform some work on our property, and we must say that when we found out that all kinds of equipment and workers would be around for some period of time, it concerned us.  The first day removed all the concerns we may have had.  When we came home and saw the drilling team you had sent out, we introduced ourselves to them. They were very professional and I did not feel uncomfortable at all with them performing their function. Thank you for such a good group of workers; they are an asset to your organization."

J. Wall, Hudson, FL